10 Reasons

10 Reasons Why the Pettit Center May Surprise You

10. Official U.S. Olympic Training Site

Opened in December 1992, the Pettit Center provides free training ice time to high potential speed skaters and was home base for eight 2010 U.S. Winter Olympians, including four medalists. Yet, Center receives only 1.35% of its operating funds from the US Olympic Committee and US Speed Skating. As a 501c-3, the Pettit Center relies on revenue from its own programming, events, sponsorships, and charitable contributions for its operation, growth, and sustainability.

9. More than just an ice rink

Pettit Center is the 3rd largest meeting/convention space in Milwaukee and 8th busiest special attraction, approaching 500,000 visitors annually. In addition to international world-class speed skating and other skating-related activities, it is host to dance competitions and exhibitions, corporate meetings, games and contests.

8. Internationally acclaimed as one of only four indoor Olympic speed skating ovals in the North America and the first one in the United States

With 97,000 square feet of ice surface requiring 99 miles of subfloor piping to keep ice temperature at 22 degrees F and, at same time, maintaining air temperature in a range of 56-62 degrees F and 35% humidity, it is an impressive engineering accomplishment.

7. High profile facility for innovative green technologies to demonstrate and promote efficiency in energy usage

High efficiency lighting, integrated, programmable control of refrigeration and HVAC help Pettit Center to use 30% less electricity than ten years ago. Center is evaluating solar PV for roof and solar thermal for hot water.

6. Home to the Ice Breaker Indoor Marathon Series

Over 800 runners participated in the sold out 4th Ice Breaker marathon, half marathons, and marathon relay in January 2012. The winning time of 2h 37m approached the world indoor marathon mark. The 443-meter track is used by running clubs, college teams, and tens of thousands of joggers/walkers each year.

5. Five-time Olympic Gold Medalist Bonnie Blair “answers” your call to the Pettit at 414-266-0100

4. Legacy of Olympic medal winners.

Of the 85 Olympic medals won by US speedskaters through 2010 Winter Games, 70 have been won by athletes who have trained or competed at the Pettit Center, including icons Bonnie Blair Cruikshank and Dan Jansen, plus current stars Shani Davis, Jonathan Kuck, Trevor Marsicano, and Jilleanne Rookard.

3. Easily accessible in SE Wisconsin and highly visible to 36 million cars annually along Interstate 94

Highly visible in its location along I-94 and adjacent to Wisconsin State Fair, the Center provides impactful positioning for sponsor signage, while being efficiently reached by its users and visitors.

2. Center for developmental and competitive skating and hockey for youths and adults of all abilities

Eight youth hockey and figure skating organizations, 70 adult hockey teams (male and female teams), involving over 1,400 hockey games, 1,175 practices, and 2,185 hours of figure skating practice time, plus wheel chair ice hockey games, Special Olympics activities, and sledge hockey practices.

1. Unique venue for lifelong skating-related exercise, recreation, and instruction for seniors, families, student groups, youths, and adults in a time when increased emphasis is being placed on health, wellness and being active

A record number of nearly 13,000 individuals ice skated or used run/walk track during 2011-12 Christmas-New Year’s holiday and annually more than 92,000 participate. In addition, the Pettit Center’s Skating School taught almost 2,200 youths and adults in 2011, an 18% increase.