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Other FAQs

How will the USATF treat the venue for US record purposes?

Since the track is oversized, it is our understanding that the USATF will consider the venue to be a “ROAD” course.

How will the IAU treat the venue for world best performance purposes?

The IAU no longer differentiates between different surfaces.

If a world best performance is set will drug testing be required?

Yes. We will pay to have a male and female USADA testing representative available at the conclusion of the race however the actual cost of the doping test will be the responsibility of the athlete.

Is this a spectator friendly venue?

Absolutely, there are bleachers set up along the front stretch of the running track; friends and family members can sit on the bleachers and watch the runners go past them lap after lap after lap for 144 hours.

Hotel lodging options:

Here is the link for the hotels:

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