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Event details

Event Details

Race Venue



Pettit National Ice Center
500 South 84th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53214

The Pettit Center is located very conveniently on 84th Street right off I-94 in Milwaukee. It is about 6 miles west of downtown Milwaukee, 60 miles east of Madison, and 80 miles north of Chicago. It is approximately 20 miles from the Milwaukee airport, General Mitchell Field (MKE)

Track Configuration:

Track Surface: Regupol Kombi
(12 millimeters thick).
IAU Labeling: IAU has awarded the Bronze Label for 2019. 2019.854.6D.B; 2019.854.48H.B; 2019.854.24H.B

USATF Sanctioned Event # 19-20-42

USATF Certified Course: WI19001BW

IAAF Certificate: USA-2019-028

Race schedule of eventS: Click Here for DATES AND TIMES  


Media Interviews & VIP Sponsor meet & greet:

Saturday August 24th from Noon - 2 pm at the Pettit Center Hall of Fame Room, 2nd Floor.

24 & 48 hour Pre-Race Briefing:

8:00 am Friday August 23rd at the Pettit Center Hall of Fame Room, 2nd Floor

6-Day Pre- Race Briefing:

2:30 pm Saturday August 24th at the Pettit Center Hall of Fame Room, 2nd Floor

Race Director:

Durbin Race Management, LLC’s CEO Steve Durbin is the race director for the 2nd Edition of Six Days in the Dome. Steve’s race management company has hosted numerous ultrarunning events over the past 15 years including but not limited to the famed Barkley Fall Classic, Strolling Jim, Tunnel Hill 100 mile run, Run4water, and many other noteworthy events.

Maximum # Entrants per race:

(subject to change at race committee’s discretion):

6-day:  70
48-hour: 25
24-hour: 55

Race Registration:

Ultrarunning’s premier race management website, has been proudly selected as our host for race registration. Our goal in hosting the Six Days in the Dome is to provide optimal conditions for runners to achieve their personal best performances which includes ensuring the track isn’t overcrowded. We also want the event to be entertaining and fun for participants and spectators alike. For the 6 Day event we have reserved 50 first come first served entrant slots. Subsequent entries will be placed on a waitlist who will be eligible to participate as entrants drop out. We will also reserve an additional number of entry slots for invited our elite runners and sponsored guests. Entrants have an opportunity to back out and receive a 50% refund until May 1, 2019.


It is approximately 55 degrees inside the Pettit Center, but it’s dry and often feels cooler than that. For the average runner, a long-sleeve shirt, shorts, and a light hat and gloves should be fine. Spectators might want to wear heavier coats, hats and gloves because it can get cold sitting in the stands.

Entry fee:

Event:         8/1/18
6-day            $600
48 hour         $225
24 hour         $150

Event:        12/1/18
6-day            $650

48 hour         $250
24 hour         $175

Event:        3/1/19
6-day            $685
48 hour         $275
24 hour         $200

Event:         6/1/19
6-day            $700
48 hour         $300
24 hour         $225

Mandatory volunteer requirement:

Every 6-day participant will be required to have a friend, family member or crew person volunteer for at least one 3-hour food service shift. If a runner will not have a crew or family person available to volunteer then a “volunteer fee” surcharge of $60 will be required prior to the start of the race.

6-Day Prize Money:

In order to incentivize big miles, prize money will be offered to the 1st runner (male and female) that reaches each of the first four 100 mile splits with the caveat that a runner is not eligible to receive an award unless they ALSO achieve a minimum total of 805 kilometers/500 miles for the men and 725 kilometers/450 miles for the women. If a runner “wins” a respective mileage split but doesn’t run the required minimum, then their winnings will go to the next fastest runner that achieved both marks. “Rabbits” who are looking for a quick hit and that do not achieve at least a “national class” total mileage mark will not be rewarded. This prize money structure should result in runners having to make difficult strategic risk/reward decisions when determining their optimal sleep strategy. The prize money should also make it more entertaining for those online spectators that are following the real time tracking at home.

Miles:                Prize:

100                      $100
200                      $200

300                      $300
400                      $400

Total Prize Purse: $2,000
$1,000 (men) $1,000 (women)

Race Memorabilia & Awards:

Special commemorative belt buckles will be awarded to all participants who run at least 100 miles. Personalized race jackets will also be available for order for a fee. Overall podium winners for each event will also receive a special award.

Chip timing and Real Time Tracking:

Professional timing will be under the direction of Brandon Wilson and Brandon is a USATF Official, a Grade A course certifier, and an expert IT man. We will have living tracking of the event. Assisting Brandon will be Mike Melton. Mike is a veteran timer of many multi-day races. These two are widely considered to be the best timers in the country.

The Pettit Center has two MASSIVE big screen monitors that Brandon and Mike will utilize to display the real-time results for spectators and participants to view. (Here is a picture of one of the massive monitors).

A camera will be set up for viewers to keep an eye out for their favorite runners.

Runner’s Tables charging stations:

Runners will be able to set up a personal table (not to exceed 6’ on an area to be designated prior to the race which will (likely) be located on the straightaway outside of lane 3. Tables & Chairs will be available for rental.

There will be a number of surge protecting multi-outlets with USB ports for charging your devices. If you have your own, that could help us with providing enough for everyone when they need it.


There will be two designated areas for sleeping. One area is the Hall of Fame room located upstairs, overlooking the ice and running areas. The other is downstairs from the track. Areas will be marked off in 8’ x 4’ grids. Runners or their crew can utilize any space, however, they must pick up their bags/mats and place them to the side area, so others may use a space. This should assure everyone has a place to rest, and also should give room for crew who remain at the Pettit.

NOTE: No drinks or food are allowed in the sleeping areas. Periodic cleaning is required, but every effort will be made to not disturb sleeping athletes.

Tents are allowed in an outside grass area next to the Pettit.

RVs are a NOT permitted in the Pettit Center in the parking lot. There is an RV area, with hookups, located less than .5 miles from the Pettit.

Kitchen & Cooking Equipment:

There is not a full size kitchen inside at the Pettit Center. There are a couple of refrigerators, and we will have griddles and such to prepare food. Runners or their crew may use these for special needs.

Race Referee:

We will have a designated race official to serve as race referee to enforce race rules.

Food Service Schedule:

During each of the three events (i.e. 24hr, 48hr & 6-day race), three meals will be served daily as follows:

Breakfast: 7 to 8 am
Lunch: 1 to 2 pm
Dinner: 7 to 8 pm

In between meals, the aid station will have a wide variety of traditional ultra-snacks available. Our planned menu will be posted at least one month prior to the start of the race. Please understand that we will not be able to assist with special dietary needs.

100 mile:

100 mile splits will be marked for the 24 hour race for runners attempting records.

Eating Area:

Food and drinks will be provided at the race aid station and served at a designated eating area with tables and chairs.

Permanent Bathroom Facilities:

Permanent bathrooms are located a few feet outside the double doors leading to the track. We will also have at least two porta potties that will be placed next to the bleachers trackside.

Sleeping Arrangements:

We will have access to the 2500 sqft “Hall of Fame Banquet Room” that is carpeted, heated and overlooks the ice arena on the second floor. Runners should be award that there is not adequate space for every person to have a space that they kept the entire event. Spaces will be marked off as designated sleeping areas, but each runner will need to store their sleeping bag or mat to the side after each use, in order to make room. As time goes on, (runners drop out, for example), a more “permanent” spot may become available.  See pic here. Alternatively runners may also set up personal sleeping items in other designated areas for the event.


A Super Walmart is 3.7 miles away at:
4140 W Greenfield Ave, WI 53215

Shower Availability:

Yes, in the locker rooms downstairs.


Yes. WI19001BW

$1,000 SWORD Performance Products bonus:

The overall male and female winner will each receive a $500 sponsorship bonus if they consume SWORD Endurance drink as part of their nutrition strategy.

Race Photography:

Once again we are pleased to announce that Jeff Genova, has been selected as our official race photographer.