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Event details

Event Details

Race Venue



Pettit National Ice Center
500 South 84th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53214

The Pettit Center is located very conveniently on 84th Street right off I-94 in Milwaukee. It is about 6 miles west of downtown Milwaukee, 60 miles east of Madison, and 80 miles north of Chicago. It is approximately 20 miles from the Milwaukee airport, General Mitchell Field (MKE)

time zone:

The Pettit Center is located in the CENTRAL TIME ZONE

oval Configuration:

Oval Surface: Regupol Kombi
(12 millimeters thick).
IAU Labeling: IAU has awarded the Bronze Label for 2019. 2019.854.6D.B; 2019.854.48H.B; 2019.854.24H.B NOTE: 2020 label will be applied for

USATF Sanctioned Event # 19-20-42 NOTE: 2020 Sanction # TBD

USATF Certified Course: WI19001BW

IAAF Certificate: USA-2019-028

Records set at 2019 six days in the dome:

World Records:

100 mi 11:19:13 Zach Bitter

12HR 104.88mi Zach Bitter

National Records:

48HR W55-59 291.790KM Connie Gardner

144HR M60-64 724.597KM Brad Compton

144HR W45-49 644.370KM Sandra Villines

144HR W60-64 665.175KM Yolanda Holder

48HR M60-64 354.745KM Steve Troxel

48HR M70-74 293.196KM Jeff Hagen

24HR W60-64 190.683KM Pamela Chapman-Markle

100KM W60-64 10:47:57 Pamela Chapman-Markle

100 mi W60-64 18:31:52 Debbie Horn

48HR W70-74 201.326KM Marsha White

12HR M60-64 115.740KM Larry Stephens

Congratulations to you all.

race schedule of 2020 eventS: All times are central daylight time

Thursday July 23 Elite 24HR 09:00

Friday July 24 24H/48H 09:00

Saturday July 25 24H second 09:00

Sunday July 26 6 Day NOON

Awards Ceremonies to follow immediately upon conclusion of each respective race.

Media Interviews & VIP Sponsor meet & greet:


24 & 48 hour Pre-Race Briefing:

30 minutes before the start of each respective race near the start.

6-Day Pre- Race Briefing:

11:30 am Sunday, July 26, near the start.

Race Director:

Durbin Race Management, LLC’s CEO Steve Durbin is the race director for the 3rd Edition of Six Days in the Dome. Steve’s race management company hosted the 2019 edition, and numerous other ultra running events over the past 17 years including but not limited to the famed Barkley Fall Classic, Strolling Jim, Tunnel Hill 100 mile run, Land Between the Lakes trail runs, Run4water, and many other noteworthy events.

Maximum # Entrants per race:

(subject to change at race committee’s discretion):

6-day:  70
48-hour: 35
24-hour: 35 each day

24-hour Elite Invitational: 30

The Elite Invitational is designed to encourage record breaking performances, and will be a great opportunity for runners looking to qualify for the US 24hour team.

The Thursday 24hr Elite is open to runners meeting the following standards:

Men: 24 hour performance of 135 miles or greater; or 100 mile best of 15:30 or better.*

Women: 24 hour performance of 120 miles or greater; or 100 mile best of 18:00 or better.*

Runners may request acceptance at other race lengths (e.g. 12 hour, 100k, 50 mile, 50k) for comparable performances.

* - Needs to have occurred since 2015 (inclusive)

Race Registration: has been selected as our host for race registration.

Registration will open on Monday, September 16. In order to allow for orderly and unrushed entry, every entry will go to a “wait” list. On Monday, September 23 runners will be moved from the wait list into the entered list based on an entrant either meeting qualifying standards (see above), or via a random drawing. Anyone not drawn will remain on the wait list. NOTE: virtually everyone on the wait list was allowed entry into the 2019 event.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT WAIT LIST REGISTRATION: Ultrasignup WILL take your credit card information, however, you WILL NOT be charged unless 1) you receive an email invite to enter, and 2) you ACCEPT that invitation.

We will also reserve an additional number of entry slots for inviting elite runners and sponsored guests.

Entry fee:

Fees include 4’ of table space and one chair, along with other race amenities including finisher buckle, hoodie shirts, caps, bag, race bib belt, and assorted goodies.

Event:         9/19/19
6-day            $675
48 hour         $300
24 hour         $200

Event:        12/1/19
6-day            $700

48 hour         $320
24 hour         $220

Event:         6/1/20
6-day            $725
48 hour         $340
24 hour         $240

Entrants have an opportunity to back out and receive a 50% refund until May 1, 2020. There will be No deferrals, or bib transfers allowed.

Mandatory volunteer requirement:

Every 6-day participant will be required to have a friend, family member or crew person volunteer for two 3-hour food service shifts. If a runner will not have a crew or family person available to volunteer then a “volunteer fee” surcharge of $60 will be required prior to the start of the race. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Chris Ponteri at, or Steve Durbin at

Oftentimes, friends or family members traveling with runners like to volunteer to have something to do while cheering their runner along. If you have someone traveling with you who would like to help out, as much as they like, please contact us. Volunteers will receive a nice Six Days in the Dome long sleeve shirt.

6-Day Prize Money:

In order to incentivize big miles, prize money will be offered to the 1st runner (male and female) that reaches each of the first four 100 mile splits with the caveat that a runner is not eligible to receive an award unless they ALSO achieve a minimum total of 805 kilometers/500 miles for the men and 725 kilometers/450 miles for the women. If a runner “wins” a respective mileage split but doesn’t run the required minimum, then their winnings will go to the next fastest runner that achieved both marks. “Rabbits” who are looking for a quick hit and that do not achieve at least a “national class” total mileage mark will not be rewarded. This prize money structure should result in runners having to make difficult strategic risk/reward decisions when determining their optimal sleep strategy. The prize money should also make it more entertaining for those online spectators that are following the real time tracking at home.

Miles:                Prize:

100                      $100
200                      $200

300                      $300
400                      $400

Total Prize Purse: $2,000
$1,000 (men) $1,000 (women)

Race Memorabilia & Awards:

Special commemorative belt buckles will be awarded to all participants who run at least 100 miles. Overall podium winners for each event will also receive a special award, which will be customized with name and totals, and mailed afterward.

Those who pre-ordered a Commemorative Jacket will be able to pick theirs up at packet pickup. Those who didn’t pre-order can still order one at PPU and have it delivered.

Other race memorabilia for sale might include: Duffle bags, Race shirts, Race caps, Pint glasses, and Koozies.

Chip timing and Real Time Tracking and video streaming:

Professional timing will be under the direction of Brandon Wilson and

Brandon is a USATF Official, a Grade A course certifier, and an expert IT man. We will have live tracking, and if things go according to plan, live streaming, of the event.

The Pettit Center has two MASSIVE big screen monitors that Brandon and company will utilize to display the real-time results for spectators and participants to view. (Here is a picture of one of the massive monitors).


It is approximately 55 degrees inside the Pettit Center, but it’s dry (humidity 35%), and often feels cooler than that. For the average runner, a long-sleeve shirt, shorts, and a light hat and gloves should be fine. Spectators might want to wear heavier coats, hats and gloves because it can get cold sitting in the stands.


The race will start in a counter-clockwise direction, and runners will change directions every 6 hours. When you leave the track for any reason, you should leave and enter through the designated area. Care should be taken to note the direction you are running when you leave the track. IF runners are traversing in the opposite direction when you return, you should finish the lap you left on in the same direction, and then turn when you reach the timing mat at the beginning/end of the loop.

All runners are responsible for wearing their timing devices. You will have a timing chip on an ankle strap. It is suggested that you leave your timing device with the timing table if you are leaving the facility. This will ensure you don’t leave it at a hotel.

“Single File Lane 1” rule: All runners (or walkers) must run (or walk) single file on the inside of lane 1 unless passing another runner/walker. Runners/walkers who are passing shall do so in an expedient manner. Any runners who wish to socialize a bit while they are walking or running may do so in a front/back manner like you would do on a single track trail. This method worked well during Zach Bitter’s World Record 100 mile set during the 2019 event (11:19:13)

We are committed to allowing for all runners/walkers to achieve their best distances without undue impedance.

You are allowed to move around the track with food or drink, hopefully in a container that will mostly eliminate messes. You (or your crew) are responsible for cleaning any messes you make at your table, or on the track.

Ear buds or the like are allowed, as long as they don’t create a problem, such as obstructing a runner who is trying to pass, because of being oblivious to your surroundings.

Please be respectful of Volunteers. There are normally only very few people who need to be reminded of this. Don’t be in that number, please.

changing directions every 6 hours:

We will change directions every 6 hours.

When you leave the track for down time, you are responsible for knowing which direction to start running. Sometimes, the direction will have changed, and you will need to run in the opposite direction in order to finish the lap you were on before your down time. Of course, once you’ve finished that lap, you will turn and proceed along with everyone else.

race referee:

We will have a race referee to enforce the rules. Depending upon severity of infraction, typically, you will receive a warning before disqualification.

100 mile splits:

100 mile splits will be marked for the 24 hour race for runners attempting records.

lodging before your race

Due to space limitations, no one is allowed to sleep overnight at the Pettit Center, until AFTER their race starts. Furthermore, once your race is completed, you will need to remove your sleeping gear to make room for the next racers. For 6 day runners, we have access to the Pettit Center until 3pm on Saturday August 1, after which we will all need to vacate the premises.

parking for event:

There is ample parking in the Pettit Center parking lot. Most parking spaces are less than 100 yards from the doors of the center.

RVs are NOT permitted on the Pettit Center parking lot. There is an RV area, with hookups, located less than .5 miles from the Pettit. There is a nightly fee ($40) for this service. If interested, you should contact them at:

packet pick up:

Packet pick up will begin at 06:30 on the day of your respective event, (08:00 for the Six Day). At PPU, all racers will receive a bib, timing chip, hoodie, cap, and duffle bag, along with any other items you ordered; jacket, sleeping bag, mat, or crew meals. IF you purchased meals for your crew, you will receive tyvek wrist bands for your crew to display in order to receive meals.

Additional items available for purchase might include: Commemorative jacket can be ordered and mailed to you. While supplies last: Race shirt, Race cap, Duffle bag, Race Belt for bib#, Pint Glass, Koozie.

pre-race meetings 24h/48h/6day:

Pre-race meetings are scheduled for 08:30 Friday for the Friday 24H and the 48H. Saturday at 08:30 for the Saturday 24H.

There may be a Meet and Greet scheduled for the 6 day runners. More information will follow. We understand that due to travel complications you may not be able to make this meeting. The main rules are listed on the site, and we’ll go over them again at 11:30am on Sunday.

runner’s Tables/ charging stations:

Tables will be set up along the outside of the oval. Each runner will be allotted 4’ of table space, and a chair. They may also utilize the space between their table and the wall.

Table space & a chair is included in the registration fee.

There will be a number of surge protecting multi-outlets with USB ports for charging your devices. If you have your own, that could help us with providing enough for everyone when they need it. There are power outlets located every 20’ or so along the wall.


It’s been pointed out by someone that runs in the Pettit a lot, Jerry Bloom, that you can’t rely on GPS tracking due to varying signal.

Here’s what Jerry said: “It's also important to note that those wanting to track distance using their watch/device will need a foot pod or the like. There is not accurate GPS signal in the building. You might get some signal but it wont be consistent.”

Our timers will display all the information you need, including “last lap”.

Aid/food stations:

The food station will be alongside the track. See the chart below for likely items. We will have a limited supply of cups, mostly for coffee, soups, SWORD, or soda. Runners should bring their own hydration bottles and keep them at their tables. In most instances, a runner can grab their bottle from their table, run around the track with it, fill it, or leave for a volunteer to fill it, and get it the next time around, to drink from and return to their table.

A dedicated refrigerator and microwave will be available at the food station area for runner’s use.

sword hydration:

SWORD Performance founders, Shawn Stasko, and Scott Black will be on site with their latest products, and to answer questions about hydration, or nutrition. I can personally vouch that SWORD helps. I’ve witnessed many runners who were in duress, try SWORD for the first time, and recover quickly. It has literally saved races for many. SWORD is the only hydration drink we use at Durbin Race Management.

  1. Delay Fatigue: Utilizing a dual carbohydrate formula (maltodextrin and fructose) to provide sustained energy, SWORD delays the onset of fatigue and maintains mental focus.

  2. Avoid Upset Stomach: Sword’s osmolality is below that of blood, which means that fluid absorption is maximized. You will avoid GI distress and an upset stomach.

  3. Improve Hydration: When you sweat, you primarily lose one electrolyte: sodium. Sword replaces that sodium, inhibiting muscle cramping while aiding in the maintenance of fluid balance and efficient thermoregulation.

To learn more, please go to:

john vonhof - the foot fixer:

We are thrilled to have John Vonhof on site for the event. John is the author of ‘Fixing your Feet’, the bible of foot care for extreme, and ordinary athletes. John is bringing his foot fixing expertise to the Pettit to help you if you need him. John will have his best selling book available for purchase as well.

medical tent & dr. andrew lovy:

We will have a medical tent under the direction of Andrew Lovy. Doc Lovy is shooting for the AG Record for 80-84 6 days, but tells us that he is available to help anyone who needs his help. According to Doc Lovy: “I will have a red shirt or towel on the ground near the table. Anyone who needs my help just needs to put it on the table and when I see it, I will stop running and wait for them to go around and work on them. FYI, I will be available for the entire event and I don't want anyone to not get help because they may think they are bothering me. Not so; that is the main reason I am there, so they should wake me up if I am sleeping and can come in as many times as needed to get worked on. Truly, I am a much better doc than I am a runner so my mileage is not important, getting runners to their goals is where it is at.” What a great guy!

dr. carolyn smith & marquette university offer their assistance

I’m honored to announce that Dr. Carolyn Smith and a number of her colleagues and medical students with the esteemed Marquette University Athletic Training Program will be on hand each day helping runners out. Future details regarding the times they will be on site each will be shared once known.

Dr. Smith also knows a little bit about ultrarunning:

Few of her running credentials:

Olympic Marathon Trials (1988)
2:45 personal best

6 time member of 100k USA Team (2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012);

2 time member of 24 hour USA Team (2005, 2007)

137.04 mile 24 hour best

Dr. Smith also co-authored the book “Running for Women”.


There will be two designated areas for sleeping. One area is the Hall of Fame room (48 spaces) located upstairs, overlooking the ice and running areas. The other is the Party Room (19 spaces) and is located downstairs from the track. Areas will be marked off in 8’ x 4’ grids. Runners have priority over these spaces. Crew can utilize any space only if there is room.

We do not have cots for rent, but you can use your own.

Everyone using these sleeping spaces must pick up their bags/mats/cots and place them to the side area, so others may use a space. This should assure everyone has a place to rest, and also should give room for crew who remain at the Pettit.

NOTE: No drinks or food are allowed in the sleeping areas. Each day, the PETTIT Center will have someone clean the Hall of Fame Room, and the Party Room. This cleaning is required, and will take place between NOON and 13:00 each day, but every effort will be made to not disturb sleeping athletes. Plan accordingly.


Tents are NOT allowed inside the Pettit Center. Tents ARE allowed in an outside grassy area next to the Pettit. See race staff once you arrive if you’d like to choose this option.

Again, RVs are NOT permitted on the Pettit Center parking lot. There is an RV area, with hookups, located less than .5 miles from the Pettit. There is a nightly fee ($40) for this service. If interested, you should contact them at:

entry/exit of the pettit center: lockdown times

The Pettit Center’s doors will be open from 6:00am until 10:00pm. If/when you need to exit the premises with the intention of returning during lockdown times, you will need to make sure you have secured the phone number of a race staff member who will be able to unlock the door for you. You’ll be able to text or call. There’s a possibility that it could take several minutes, but if in doubt, text or call again. We won’t have the staff for someone to be dedicated to watching the door.

Race Referee:

We will have a designated race official to serve as race referee to enforce race rules.

Food Service Schedule:

During each of the events, three meals will be served daily as follows:

Breakfast: beginning at 5:30 am
Lunch: begins at 11 am
Dinner: begins at 5 pm

We don’t want you to be hungry, so if you don’t see something you like, PLEASE tell us. We got pretty good at reading people’s minds in 2019, but your assistance is greatly appreciated. We can have most anything within a couple of your laps around the oval.

In between meals, the aid station will have a wide variety of traditional ultra-snacks, as well as some warm foods such as Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable Soup, and broth.

We intend to have some vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, but please understand that we will not be able to assist with special dietary needs. If you want something special, you should bring it for yourself.

NOTE: this is the menu from 2019. Most of it was catered through Bunzel’s of Milwaukee. They were awesome, and we’ll use them more in 2020. The rest is in the capable hands of a few very key volunteers.

Monday through Thursday, Lunch and Dinner menu catered by Bunzel’s of Milwaukee.

Monday through Thursday, Lunch and Dinner menu catered by Bunzel’s of Milwaukee.

Eating Area for meals:

We understand that many of you will want to continue racing, so we will make every effort to have the meals as close to the track as possible. Key words… as possible. Understand that there is NOT enough room for us to set up a banquet line and tables and chairs inside the arena. “Arena” being the huge room that houses the ice rinks, ice oval, and running. Once we get into the flow of the race, we will figure out what works best. For now, instead of driving yourselves, and others, crazy worrying about this, you’ll just have to trust that we’ll do everything we can for you to make as many miles as possible. Remember that its very important for us that you do well. You worry about running, and we’ll worry about everything else.

For those of you who would rather plan some of their down time around eating, there is an area in the lobby that would give us room for you to get your food and sit at a table and eat, or you or your crew can get food, and bring it to your table.

Obviously, care should be taken not to make a mess of the running surface, and you are responsible to clean any mess you make.

Permanent Bathroom Facilities:

Permanent bathrooms are located within 30’ of the running surface. We will have TWO portable toilets. ONE EACH will be placed just outside lane 3 on opposite sides of the arena. We are using a company other than the totally irresponsible company we used in 2019, and will have them scheduled to be serviced on a daily basis. The majority of runners will choose to take the 15 steps off the track and into the regular rest rooms.

Sleeping Arrangements:

NOTE: NO ONE is allowed to sleep at the Pettit Center before their event starts, including anytime before July 23.

We will have access to the 2500 sqft “Hall of Fame Banquet Room” that is carpeted, temperature controlled, has its own rest rooms, and overlooks the ice arena on the second floor. We figure that 48 people can sleep here at the same time. Runners should be aware that there is not adequate space for every person to have a space that they can keep for the entire event. Spaces will be marked off as designated sleeping areas, but each runner will need to store their sleeping bag or mat to the side after each use in order to make room for the next person. As time goes on, (runners drop out, for example), a more “permanent” spot may become available.  See pic here.

Those not finding room in the Hall of Fame room, can find room in the Party Room downstairs.

Runners may not sleep at the Pettit Center until AFTER their event starts. Once their event is over, 24/48H runners will need to move their sleeping gear out to make way for the 6day runners. Thank you for your cooperation.

You can also nap at your chair if you want, as long as you are not intruding on the next person’s space.

You may NOT sleep or set up tables or personal items inside of the blue barrier surrounding the track. Other activities will be going on on the hockey/skating rinks.


We’ve been told that there is public wifi at the Pettit, but as is often the case, the more people that are on it, the less effective it is. We’re not sure what the limitations are.


We will play music on the overhead speakers during the event. New for 2020 will include NO EXTERNAL MUSIC periods each day, SONG REQUEST periods, and DAILY NEWS BROADCASTS a couple of times/day. We will also turn the main music off during periods when the Figure Skaters are practicing their choreographed programs. NOTE: you are allowed to listed to your own music via earbuds or earphones whenever you wish.


A Super Walmart is 3.7 miles away at:
4140 W Greenfield Ave, WI 53215

Pick and Save Grocery is located about 1/2 mile away.

Shower Availability:

Yes, in the locker rooms downstairs. These showers are used by the Hockey Teams, and there is a lot of hockey scheduled for when we’re there.

There will be a schedule posted throughout indicating when you are allowed to use showers (typically 12hrs/day).


Yes. WI19001BW. See other sanctions, and certifications at the top of this page.

$1,000 SWORD Performance Products bonus:

The overall male and female winner will each receive a $500 sponsorship bonus if they consume SWORD Endurance drink as part of their nutrition strategy.

Race Photography:

Once again we are pleased to announce that Jeff Genova, has been selected as our official race photographer.